19 December 2012

New York City - Central Park

It's day two here in New York City, and after spending my first day at the Museum of Natural History (which already is counted as one of the highlights of my entire trip) I was lucky enough to stumble my way out of my hostel (due to another night of jet lag) to find the bluest of skies. Win!

The hostel I am staying at is not only close to the Museum of Natural History, but is also less than a block away from Central Park, my destination for the day of course.

Wow, Central Park. I used to have a picture of this place on my wall for years, the dream being to one day be here in person so I can take my own pictures of it. With my trusty iPhone 4 in tow I think I managed to pull off some pretty awesome shots, while calming enjoying the beautifully crisp morning air and unbelievably spectacular atmosphere around me.

Without further ado I'd like to share with you through photography the accomplishment of one of my longest held life goals:

My favourite shot I think

Simply magic.

I pondered deeply while walking through this park, just being here feels like an illusion, something that I will wake up from at any moment, to find myself back in my bed back home in Australia. Although until I do wake up from it I guess I can play along with the illusion a little longer. Despite it being the last week of Autumn the weather was temperature was perfect, although not quite warm enough for t-shirts and a picnic. I imagined how full and alive this park would be during the Summer months, to just chill out on the lawns and park benches, an ultimate escape from the relentless bustle of the city streets just out of view.

It looks like I'll have to return some day in the future during a warmer time.

After the park it was already well past mid-afternoon, and what better way to round off what had already started of as an extremely awesome day then to visit for the second day in a row the Museum of Natural History! My time spent there the previous day was simply no where near enough, not to mention what a great way it is to have a relaxing afternoon. Even on this second visit it continued to amaze and surprise me.

Alas there is still so much more to see.


Tom said...

Pictures look amazing. I could probably waste a lifetime in that place!

Azz said...

You easily could =)

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