07 September 2012

Good food, wineries and exploration!

After the crazy week a few days ago where I was literally running the Bed and Breakfast for a week, which then resulted in me becoming Assistant Manager, it was time to take it easy for a few days.

First stop was a walk by the beach! The coastline is absolutely amazing here.


Then the following day Camille, Sebastian, Zac (America) and I had definitely earned a day off so we rented a car and decided to hit the wineries and explore the area!

I was super excited about the day. Firstly because of how insane last week was, but more importantly was that this is now my third winery tour and this time I straight up said that I am refusing to be a driver no matter what (unlike the last two times...) thus I could completely relax for the day!

Great views along the way

Winery number one was awesome!

Perfect blue skies really enhanced the day

Camille, Sebastian, Zac and me enjoying some free wine at the first winery
I don't even like wine... but when it is free, I love wine! But mostly I just really enjoy the sunny days and great company, cruising around the amazing countryside for an entire day. It's a tough life!

Winery number two.

It was such a nice day
Enjoying the free wine!
Our third and final winery was awesome... but we forgot to take photos, but I think you've seen enough.

After some amazing lunch we hit the road again, we had the car for the entire day so we mapped out a long circle route that included both the rolling hills inland, as well as the awesome coastline too. It was really great to be out of the Bed and Breakfast for a day, just cruising through the hills and open roads, the windows down with perfect sunny skies.

 Although these sunny skies dissapeared once we hit the coast, but we didn't mind in the slightest.

How cool is that
Not really sure what I was doing here

And then we found a huge beach! The sand stretched for as far as you could see and the ocean was as wild as I have seen in a long time. The whole area inspired power.

It was crazy and very cold here!
Zac and I contemplating if we are brave enough to jump in the water ha!
On the way home we found a lot of really cool places, you could spend weeks around here and never see it all I think.

But wow... a day full of wine, sun, beach, mountains, driving and laughs is exhuasting!

It was a long day of awesomeness...
Back at home we cooked up a BBQ!

Me with Vivien's mother, Birgit... she is 94 years old!
Some burgers over the fire... a great way to end the day
And that sadly was just about the end of my time with Zac, Camille and Sebastian, as all three of them were heading off a few short days after. They were great helpers and even better company, just really casual and fantastic workers, and I feel so thankful that they were around during the hectic week when Vivien was away and I was in charge. I know I couldn't have done so well without them.

After a final meal together it was time for them to leave, but I will hopefully see Camille and Sebastian in France someday, and I seriously hope to see Zac some day as he was a really cool guy who had a lot of knowledge that helped me grow a lot as a person. But alas travel is forever changing.

Vivien, Margaret (America), me, Zac, Camille and Sebastian having an awesome brunch as a final meal together


Tom said...

Pictures look amazing mate. Who ended up doing the driving? That's the problem with America, only way to get around is by car!

Azz said...

Zac did the driving for most of the day, requiring a long break at lunch time so he would be sober enough haha, so that worked out well =D

And yes it is definitely not like Europe as I am told!

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