12 August 2012

Life at a Bed and Breakfast

I've been at this Bed and Breakfast for nearly three weeks now, which I only know it has been that long by looking at the calender, else I wouldn't know because it honestly only feels like it has been no more than 2 days. Being here has been one of the most amazing, stressful, encouraging, relaxing, trying, eye-opening experiences I have ever had.

In short, it is awesome and I love it.

I mentioned briefly in my last post that the house itself is pretty amazing, so let me display in more detail where exactly I am in the world right now. The place is called The Weller House Inn, it was built in 1886, restored and taken care of over the years, and these days acts as a high-class Bed and Breakfast.

The Weller House Inn
It's three stories with nine rooms in the house and the third floor is this ridiculously amazing ballroom that has the best accoustics in a room I've ever heard. It even contains a piano! I spend hours every day playing the two songs I know...

It is actually three times the size that this picture depicts it at

It's a great room for events. In my last post I mentioned we had a cello and accordian duo come play a concert and that turned out fantastic, they really were world class having 25 years experience each. And last weekend there was a two-day Tango workshop where the teachers flew in from Argentina to come teach, very cool.

On top of all this we have our water tower that is used for guest rooms! It is four stories high (thus contains four guest rooms) and sits just outside the house in the backyard, and you can even go all the way to the top and see uninterupted views of the entire Fort Bragg... and even the ocean as we are only one block away!

Our water tower
View of the water tower and the back of the house
The water tower is the tallest building in Fort Bragg, offering some amazing views of the town and the nearby ocean.

Now originally I was staying in one of the guests rooms for the time being until Vivien returned. She has of course returned by now so I got moved out of the house... and into the room at the very top of the water tower! My own room with no one to bother me, at the very top of the tower...

The view from my window
The view from my other window
Bianca, Christian, Charie and Antwon (other helpers living at the house also) left the other day, which I am definitely bummed about as they were awesome company around the house and I was just starting to get to know them better too. The curse of travel of course.

In exchange however we received two new helpers, Sadie (America) and Felicia (America). These two girls were pretty awesome and were constantly arranging activities and places to see, which was great because I was too lazy to organize much really. Oh, and they had a car!

We went to the coast to visit a lighthouse.

Chilling by the ocean...
And we went to a nearby town and saw an absolutely awesome folk band, they were great!

I forget the name of these guys, but they were absolutely amazing! All were extremely talented, the cello player and singer teach at a University, and the drummer is the drummer from the TV show Dancing With the Stars.
Another two weeks gone by in the most adventurous way. I am really happy that the new helpers are cool as it really makes or breaks this place, and there is so much to do both in terms of work to do around the house but also in the amount of places to visit and see, that I could easily see myself here for at least a month more.

But alas I have no idea on what my plans or next movements will be. Like my entire trip so far, we shall see how we go shall we?

Regardless of what happens, I never in my wildest ideas expected that this is where I would be.


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