05 May 2012

Time to hit the open road!

Big day planned for tomorrow, it is a bit risky but I am damn excited for it!

I've been back in L.A for a bit over a week now resting my ankle, and I was planning to stay another week more to rest further but when I asked for an extension on my stay they were completely booked out so, I guess that's a sign that it is time to move on.

Next stop, San Francisco!

My options of transportation were to either fly, train, bus or drive. Flying for some reason I wasn't interested in despite it being the quickest (airports and luggage are just far too cumbersome). The train however is a beautiful, relaxing, welcoming 9 hour journey that isn't at all complete and utter boredom as one may think... and the bus was even more adventure filled at 10 hours, how tempting these options were!

Not happening...

Then I thought, let's have some fun. So after many hours of research I've hired a car and will drive myself to San Francisco tomorrow, sweet!

It's a 8 - 9 hour drive and I think I will split it over two days, taking it slow, just enjoy the sights and peace, and most likely just sleep in my car or something for the night, who knows, I am just making it up as I go. With some music blasting, a packet of chips by my side, singing along to some songs and watching the sights, it will be an awesome adventure!

- Get a shuttle bus from hostel to Los Angeles airport at 10am
- Pick up hire car at 12
- Pick up huge McDonalds meal that I can enjoy along the way
- Drive to San Francisco
- Will spread the drive over two days, plan to spend the night in my car
- Reach San Francisco the next day
- Check in at the Adelaide Hostel and Hotel
- Use the car for the day, return it at 5pm at San Francisco airport

Hire car? Check. Shuttle bus to take me to the airport? Check. Hostel booked in San Francisco? Check!

Awesome, all set, I'm pumped!

Although I am going to seriously miss this hostel and how amazingly awesome it has been to me. Perhaps I will return someday.


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