29 December 2011

Applied for my visa finally!

I have finally applied for my American visa for my New York City trip!

But wow did it take me a while to get around to it, I would have to be the king of procrastination ha. I first mentioned all the way back in March that I had officially decided to move to New York City... March! Since then any researching, planning or preparation to actually get myself there has trickled along at glacial speeds over the last 7 months since the announcement.

We are now December and I can finally celebrate the milestone of having submitted my application, yay! Eventually after narrowing down the list of visa sponsors I chose one, sent an application which got approved, then had my introductory meeting with them the other day, cool!

The interview went well, the lady just asked me a bunch of questions like 'Where do you plan to spend most of your time', 'What skills do you have', 'Have you got a plan B'. In return I asked her a heap of questions like 'What's the job market like at the moment' and 'What tips have you got for accommodation', with all my questions being about aspects of the trip I am most concerned about (finding a nice place to live and getting a job) as with the terrible global economy lately I've heard things can be quite tough.

Thankfully she actually seemed rather upbeat about America's current employment and accommodation opportunities, mentioning that housing shouldn't be too bad right now as due to high rent a lot of people have moved out of the city area (win for me), and that there are always jobs available if I don't limit myself too much (eg. am willing to do casual jobs such as retail, which I am). So hearing that put my mind somewhat at ease.

A few days after the interview the realization of 'this is really happening and in 3 months time I will be in another country' started to dawn on me. But only slightly ha. I am still in my 'dreaming' stage where even as I am filling out visa forms the idea that this is actually going to happen still hasn't quite hit yet.

Even as I write this post I still don't truly believe it =)


Kathy S said...

That's so exciting!

Jaz said...

I would love to go to that place and stay at the nicest accommodation in town.

Hostel Tel Aviv

Out of Sync said...

Thanks Kathy! I am constantly swaying from 'ridiculously excited' to 'paralyzed with fear' haha!

Wise words there Jaz, although the hotel you recommended is in Isreal... and yeah... that's not quite the place I was planning to visit =P

Jez said...

Great job on getting your VISA approved! One step closer! Keep it up!

Out of Sync said...

Thanks buddy, appreciate the support =D

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